!!!!!!Sold Wings West!!!!!

The WESTSIDE TUNINGACTIV Corp crew welcomes you at our new website, hoping that it will help all our customers,
cars dealers, and many other shops in Switzerland, Europe, and North Africa to promote the Hot Imports scene from the US.

The purpose of this site, beside to offer an online detailed catalog,
is also to show all the upcoming news, events, and also special offers for garages, dealers, and shops, as well as the final customers.
We will be updating the site as often as possible to keep you on track regardless news among the imports scene from the East and West US coasts.

The WESTSIDE TUNINGACTIV Corp offers you more than some of our "wild importers" competitors, since we work directly with the manufactors without any intermediates,
that provide us and you on the way, the best contacts, quality, warranties, customers service, and of course, pricing

For Dealers inquiries, and professionnals discounts, please write us at :

We provide to all our customers and future dealers, all the documentation, such as detailed catalogs and price list about all our products line up.

All the parts that are listed in our web site, such as, Wings West, Versus Motorsport, Vis Racing Sport, Jackson Racing, ENKEI International, and APC
are exclusively and officially distributed in Switzerland and in some other European and North African countries.

If you got any questions about products that are not shown on the website, do not hesitate to contact us at info@tuningactiv.com, to help you out to find what you want in the shortest time and best quality and pricing.

Enjoy your visite!

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